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Chinese stock crackdown- Stop the fear-mongering

Since the beginning of July, there has been an uproar in the investing community & Wall Street, over news of Chinese regulations. In early July, Chinese authorities ordered app stores to remove DiDi from their service, while also announcing a cybersecurity review of the company due to concerns of data security. China had previously given a warning to DiDi prior to their IPO launch on June 30 to allow them to investigate these concerns, but DiDi pushed forth to launch the IPO. As a result, Chinese authorities took action. Since then, China has launched cybersecurity reviews on three more Chinese companies listed in the US. Around the 23 rd of July, China made the move to restrict for-profit education companies from making money through foreign stock listings, while foreign capital cannot invest. Finally, China’s antitrust administrator ordered Tencent Music Entertainment to give its exclusive music licensing rights for online music. These three incidents that have occurred over the